Without question, the iPhone features one of the top smartphone cameras on the market. Apple’s cameras have advanced to the point where they can compete with entry-level DSLR models. But if you could develop these cameras further? You can elevate your iPhone photography to the professional level it merits with the help of these applications.

  1. Photoleap
  2. Photo Lab
  3. Afterlight
  4. VSCO
  5. ProCam 8
  6. Focos
  7. Rookie Cam
  8. Flickr
  9. Snapseed
  10. Halide Mark II

1. Photoleap – Editor’s choice

Photoleap is a one-stop shop for precise picture editing when it comes to photo editing using iOS devices. This iPhone photography software offers more user-friendly picture combining features so you can produce spectacular double exposures and attention-grabbing artwork.

With ease, combine numerous photographs, and customize each layer to your specifications. Additionally, there is a tool to help you optimize the transparency and blending settings so that your pictures stand out.

Additionally, if you want to add a little creativity to your photos, you may draw and doodle on them, produce eye-catching graphic patterns, or even make cute social media posts. The precise blemish removal, 16-bit picture depth support, and ability software to edit even RAW photographs are further features worth mentioning.

However, remember that Photoleap – Photo Editor’s freemium version is rather limited, and you must purchase the premium version to use all the robust capabilities.

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts from $1.99)

2. Photo Lab – Art face editing iOS app

“Photo Lab” offers more than 600 incredible effects that completely change the appearance of any image. You may transform yourself into a tiger, scientist, astronaut, or even a mobster using picture montages with automated face identification.

To promote oneself as a famous figure, put your photo on an iPhone screen, a dollar note, or even an old book. Draw on your images to add creative flair. Additionally, you will compile several priceless images to create an astounding collage.

Cost: Free

3. Afterlight – Real film filters & effects

This program strikes the ideal combination of user-friendly and functional features. With filters, effects, & light leaks, you may instantly change the look of your images. You also have a variety of professional tools that can process RAW images.

Particularly outstanding and often updated is the filters library. Additionally, the UI is incredibly user-friendly and simple to use. Both novice and experienced editors will love this program.

Price: Free ($2.99 for Monthly membership)

4. VSCO – Creative photo and video editing iPhone app

How long could you hide a popular picture and video app both amateur and professional photographers use? Yes, I’m referring to VSCO, which has over 200 top-notch presets and is highly regarded for pro tools. You may precisely enhance your photos by using the well-created presets.

HSL and border features give you extra editing options for photos. But what makes VSCO stand out is the chance to go through many lessons, tips, and methods that may greatly improve your photographic abilities.

But remember that VSCO’s free edition only gives you access to a small number of tools; to access all presets and expert training, you must purchase a subscription ($20/year).

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts from $0.99)

5. ProCam 8 – Nondestructive editing

ProCam 6 has you covered completely and has a top-notch camera. The software offers a variety of photography options, including slow shutter, burst mode, portrait mode, 3D photo, and others.

ProCam 6 enables you to take beautiful pictures by giving you manual control over various crucial factors, including focus, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance. The option to take RAW pictures is also available.

With 60 expertly created filters, the camera applications give you greater creative flexibility when adorning your pictures. Don’t forget the 17 lenses, such as vignette, white vignette, fisheye, tilt-shift, and more, that may spice up your photos and make them more enjoyable.

Price: $6.99

6. Focus – DSLR, Bokeh & Large Aperture

The efficiency with which FOCUS does business is what has me hooked. The camera app makes the most of the twin cameras to enable you to create excellent portrait photos and customize its depth control effect.

To create captivating bokeh spot effects, you may choose from various simulated aperture diaphragms in the app. In a 3D environment, lighting may be added to make your photographs stand out. Use the greatest aperture shapes and apply a depth filter to guarantee that your photographs can seem impressive even to professionals.

With the capacity to adjust color and brightness, taking beautiful pictures shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Do you want some expert idea on how to snap better portraits? View the video lessons to improve your abilities.

Cost: Free

7. Rookie Cam – Photo & selfie video editor

“Rookie Cam” provides all the necessary tools to shoot outstanding pictures. The software is well-equipped to easily add enchantment to your images with over 150 outstanding filters.

The topic seems more attractive and clearer thanks to the amazing blur effect. You can take high-quality pictures with features like 6x digital zoom, adjustable exposure and white balance adjustment, and flash management with torch mode. A stunning collage may be created by combining up to 9 images. Additionally, your photographs may be embellished with 60 textures & light leaks in addition to 14 attractive themes.

Cost: Free

8. Flickr – Largest community of photographers

One of the most common used sites for sharing original photographs and movies is Flickr. Your images may be automatically uploaded to the Flickr camera roll. They won’t be public unless you let them go.

Browse the vast selection of intriguing pictures and arrange them in any way you want. You may edit photos using the app and apply filters to improve your photographs. Engage in conversation with others in the Flickr community and discuss common interests.

Cost: Free

9. Snapseed – Selective filter brush

One of the great picture editing applications is “Snapseed.” It facilitates quick and simple editing with its 26 sophisticated tools and filters.

Any RAW file may be edited and exported as a JPG. You have seven convenient options to fine-tune the exposure and color. Add a glamor shine to your picture if you want it to seem more stylish. You may add scratches and light leaks to give the image a vintage feel.

Cost: Free

10. Halide Mark II – RAW, manual and macro capture

Halide Camera is among the top iOS picture editing applications, receiving praise from professionals and users. With its extensive collection of editing tools, you can precisely plan your photos.

Its better camera may be used to capture bokeh-effect portrait photos. Additionally, it has the quality to meet your professional expectations with options like focused peaking and RAW capture.

Not to mention the sophisticated manual controls and a clever auto mode that guarantee you have the required control over your photographs. Additionally, you may adjust the ISO, white balance, and shutter speed to fit your workflow.

Price: $5.99


These iPhone photography applications have met my expectations regarding utility and cutting-edge editing features. There is an issue of plenty since there are so many possibilities available. However, in intense rivalry, end customers like us always come out on top.