The finest iPhone gimbal is crucial if you want to create a professional-looking video on an iPhone. While the iPhone, notably the newest smartphone 13 Pro and Pro Max, has video stabilization, you’ll still need some help if you’re shooting action handheld without needing a tripod. The finest iPhone gyroscope can help you get the most out of the current iPhone’s Cinematic video mode, giving more options than ever for adjusting focus and maintaining focus in iPhone video production.

Describe the gimbal. These amazing machines employ a mechanical method to produce a steady and smooth film even when the cameraman is moving. For systems intended for non-specialist usage, the system corrects for camera movement along with several rotational axes, typically three, while professional devices may use five-axis stabilization. They distinguish between purposeful and accidental camera movement using computational techniques.

This opens up a wide range of opportunities for video, enabling you to follow a moving subject, pan over the countryside or another area, or even record yourself as you walk, all without the unconvincing camera wobble that is often present in footage taken with a handheld camera. A relatively small expenditure gives your film a considerably more professional appearance.

Based on user evaluations, functionality, quality, and pricing, we’ve chosen the top iPhone gimbals currently on the market for the list below. Options for well-regarded manufacturers like UAVs and Zhiyun are available. See our iPhone 13 Pro photography advice to get the most out of your handset. If you’re still shopping for a phone, check out our roundup of the top iPhone 13 discounts or our reference to the best cellphone cameras. Also, pick up one of the top power banks if you need extra iPhone accessories.

The top iPhone gimbals on the market right now

1. DJI OM 5

A little gimbal with tremendous promise is the DJI OM5. It employs a 3-axis system to give the type of class-leading stabilization for which DJI has come to be recognized. It is versatile and portable and features an integrated extension rod. The video we’ve seen that was captured on smartphones that use this gimbal is smooth in a wide range of circumstances. Additionally, you may utilize the ShotGuides function of the DJI Mimo app, which provides you with some helpful instructions if you’re new to this form of photography.

This iPhone gimbal isn’t a perfect replacement for the OM4, and also, some users may prefer the older model with its larger batteries and power bank capacity. We’ve included this gimbal lower down the list if this sounds like you. But the OM5 is our favorite because of its flawless trade-off between price and performance, as well as its enhancement of key DJI capabilities like ActiveTrack 4.0, which lets you direct the gimbal to track moving objects (again, you’ll need the Mimo app for this since it uses the touchscreen on the phone).

The OM5’s extended selfie stick capabilities and secure magnetic group system make it a suitable choice for content creators and TikTokers.

2. Zhiyun Smooth 4

The Zhiyun Perfect 4 is a very well-liked gimbal; Zhiyun is known for producing reliable and reasonably priced iPhone stabilizers. On this list, you’ll find a few more items from them. Its 3-axis stabilization mechanism creates very smooth video, and the intuitive control panel is a standout feature. We particularly like the focus/zoom ring’s simple operation and practical comfort.

Connect your phone to the ZY Play app by connecting various entertaining shooting capabilities, such as time-lapse, long exposures, panoramas, and more. It’s a particularly wise pick for individuals looking for a gyroscope that will expand their possibilities for both photography and video.

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 has just 210g of payload capacity, excluding the iPhone 12 Pro Maximum and possibly excluding any future flagship iPhones. This is our main concern with the device. Other than that, this is a fantastic gimbal for various tasks offered at an extremely low cost.

3. MOZA Mini-S

One of the top smartphone mounting points for travel is the Moza Mini-S. It slopes down to 130mm square 195mm and is lightweight, making it simple to fit into a compact travel bag. Although the device’s construction may seem a bit cheap and plasticky, this has kept the price low, and when used, the Moza Mini-S performs well. The 3-axis stabilizer is fluid and reliable under various circumstances, and the gimbal offers a tonne of helpful additional modes, such as Object Tracking for tracking moving objects. The Moza Mini-S stands out as a wonderful travel alternative again because of the six hours of battery life, which is substantial and provides you with more than enough ammo for a day of shooting.

4. FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket

The FeiyuTech VLOG Portable is another very portable gimbal that is excellent for slipping into a backpack or, yes, even a pocket, although one that is probably pretty baggy. It can support handsets weighing up to 250g, so all except the biggest should fit, but since the holder is shallow, you’ll need to take your case off if you usually use one. Although the FeiyuTech On app is not required for the 3-axis stabilization to function, it is highly recommended since it gives you access to many more capabilities, such as Object Detection and tracking, and Motion Control.

5. Zhiyun Smooth Q3

The Zhiyun Clear Q3 is a clear attempt to attract TikTokers and other customers using their phone’s selfie camera extensively with its created 4300K fill light. This is a wonderful option to combine the two if you don’t want to purchase a gimbal and a ring light by providing your phone with some rigidity and giving your face a little fill light. The Smooth Q3 contains a complex 3-axis stability technology, an intuitive control structure, and a well-designed, user-friendly joystick, so it isn’t just a simple gimbal.

6. DJI OM4

The DJI OM4 is still one of the most well-acclaimed smartphone gimbals available, even though we’ve given the lighter DJI OM5 the top spot on our list. Its larger, beefier sibling, the DJI OM5, also receives excellent user evaluations. Although it is more expensive than the competition and does have some well-known problems, such as interfering with phone output rockers or generally being incompatible with phones, the fact remains that it performs its function exceptionally well, offering some of the greatest stabilization available for a smartphone.

It is larger than many of the iPhone gimbals on our list, but all that weight serves a reason since it houses a very advanced 3-axis system that gives you smooth, cinematic movement in the heel of your hand. Additionally, the DJI Mimi app allows you to experiment with various settings and colors (though some users report a bit of unreliability and jank, especially on Android).

7. Zhiyun Smooth X

The Zhiyun Quiet X is the least expensive gimbal on your list and offers fantastic value if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on one. Even though it only has a 2-axis stabilization system rather than a 3-axis system, it will still do the job, and thanks to its telescoping handle, it can also be used as a selfie stick. It’s only certified to carry phones weight up to 200e s, and many of the most advanced iPhones will weigh more than that, so you’ll want to check the compatibility.

There are a lot of iPhone gimbals on the market, but not all of them are created equal. If you’re looking for the best possible iPhone gimbal experience, then you need to check out the options on this list. Each of these gimbals offers something unique and will help you capture amazing footage with your iPhone. So don’t wait any longer, check out these gimbals and find the perfect one for you!