The demand for the finest iPhone tripods has never been higher because of how useful they are for taking beautiful photos and for making it simpler to utilize your phone as just a webcam for video calls.

One of the finest iPhone tripods makes it simple to capture long exposure images of beautiful rivers and waterfalls, nightscapes that reveal fresh details and even attempt some simple astrophotography. They’re also ideal for taking wide-angle group photos in which you are genuinely there instead of hiding behind the camera.

Additionally, the finest iPhone tripods can leave your phone stable while users look their best at that business meeting or family get-together since video calls are becoming more popular to remain in contact.

But with so many options available, picking the best iPhone tripod may be challenging. We’ve done the legwork and whittled them to this shortlist of iPhone tripods to assist you.

Remember that many of them are compatible with many iPhones, including the newest iPhone 13 range, and that if you switch platforms, some of them may also be used with the top Android phones.

Which iPhone tripods work the best?

The Joby GripTight One Pg Stand is our top recommendation for the finest iPhone tripods because it will be useful to most iPhone users in most circumstances. This little stand features sturdy, bendable legs that you may use as a standard tripod or to wrap around things like nearby trees, posts, and railings. Additionally, you may purchase supplementary magnets for the Joby GripTight’s feet to securely attach them to metal items.

We advise the Ravelli APTL3 53-inch Compact Aluminum Tripod if you want something higher. This weighs little under two pounds and can stretch up to 53 inches; bigger variants are also available if anyone wants to go much higher. It also includes a cooker head, a travel case, and a global smartphone attachment, so you’re still covered even if you swap to an Android phone.

There are many additional alternatives on our list of the greatest iPhone tripods, so you’re likely to find something that meets your demands.

The top iPhone tripods available right now

1. Joby GripTight Two GP Stand & Mount

The tripod you already have on hand is the best one to paraphrase the camera adage. Our best selection is portable and easy to carry. This same Joby GripTight One GP Holder & Mount weighs extremely little and can be folded to fit in the same pocket or small bag you store your phone in. The GripTight can fully secure even huge phones like the iPhone XS, and the flexible legs may be used to wrap around a tree limb or sit on a flat surface. Because of this, this stand is more adaptable for getting fascinating photographs, both domestic and international, without making you uncomfortable.

The tripod’s legs are sturdy enough for you to grab onto them but use it as a hand-held to meet the following criteria when extended, and it can support a phone that is a little over 6 inches tall. The versatility and advantages of this tripod make the affordable price well worth it.

2. 53-inch Ravelli APTL3 tripod

Because it’s so helpful, the common expansive tripod is a preferred tool for photographers. Therefore, you shouldn’t count out using a modest, ordinary tripod as an iPhone accessory. This Ravelli variant is reasonably priced, collapses into a small container, and comes with the mount that secures your iPhone.

The Ravelli Mini incorporates a pan arm, which helps you easily pan and tilt the phone upon this revolving ball head, unlike most other top iPhone tripods. It looks much better since you can pan about on a tripod but get smooth, stable video rather than turning your whole body and getting jerky, bouncing film while holding the handset. That is a feature you will find on larger, more industrial tripods for a reason.

Additionally, this tripod can hold your phone 53 inches above the ground, which is significantly higher than its smaller relatives. Again, this results in videos that appear more authentic. Of all, the size is what you get in exchange for this freedom. This tripod can be folded to a length of 18 inches. It costs less than 5 lbs and comes with a useful carrying bag. Therefore, it can be a wise choice for a vacation when shooting higher-quality films is important.

3. Joby GripTight Professional Telepod

Look into the $75 Significant positive correlations GripTight Extreme Telepod, our step-up selection, if you want a tripod and base that can transport your iPhone to new locations. More experienced photographers will like the qualities of this traditional, rigid-legged mini tripod. You have greater flexibility over how you frame your picture since it can stretch to hold it up to a little less than 14 inches high.

However, the GripTight Plus TelePod can also function as a hand-held camera attachment and collapses into a little container. It’s just more than 7 inches tall. Extend the tripod’s column when it is folded up for a more attractive video. This will hold the phone further away. The Bluetooth remote is located on one of the legs, making it a fully functional selfie stick.

The telephone contains a small shoe attachment in conjunction with holding the phone, making it ideal for nighttime photography when used with a tiny light like a Lume Cube. For better audio, this may also be used to hold a directional microphone.

4. A universal phone clamp for the Mirrorless camera Pixi Mini tripod

Although Manfrotto is well renowned for its pricey professional tripods, the Pixi delivers many of those tripods’ functions to your smartphone. It boasts the same matte-black appearance and stainless-steel construction as its more expensive counterparts, and the clamp’s soft rubber grip secures your phone without damaging it.

The Pixi’s low, broad orientation prevents it from toppling over, and then you can tilt it forward or back, but keep in mind that you can only hold the phone in landscape configuration. The Pixi Mini Telescope shrinks down into a manageable size, and when the two legs are curled together, they also double as a handhold for those photos you need for your travels.

5. Joby GorillaPod portable vlogging equipment

What could be better for your iPhone than a tripod? As for a tripod with a microphone and LED light? That is what the Joby Handlebar mount Mobile Vlogging kit offers, a flexible set that seems to be created just for YouTubers. Even though it costs close to $200, you get a fair lot.

The tripod is a normal flexible GorillaPod, with legs that you can use to stand upright on a table or wrap over railings and other objects to photograph in unique circumstances. Joby claims the 1000-lumen LED light would “create beautiful skin tones.” Additionally, it may be controlled through Bluetooth for convenience. The Wave Wireless microphone, on the other hand, is small and nicely made. A clamp that your iPhone is included in the packaging, but you can take it off if you want to connect a camera instead. A Connector cable and audio cables are also included.

6. Fugetek Professional 51-inch Holder & Tripod

The Fugetek 51-inch Skilled Camera & Tripod can be a good substitute for the Ravelli APTL3, ranked no. 2 on our list. It also reaches a high point, 51 inches, or slightly over 4 feet. It has a simple USB remote operation and functions as a selfie stick. Also, at a little over 1 pound, it weighs roughly half as much as the Ravelli.

The included phone mount can tilt but not pan; thus, it does not provide as much control. Even so, it’s reasonably priced and provides a lot for the money.

7. Tripod by Xenvo SquidGrip

Until you grip one of several legs and bend it, the Xenvo SquidGrip seems to be a typical tiny tripod. The slender legs are covered in smooth plastic, giving them the appearance of dozens of mini tripods, yet they are composed of a transparent material that is easily bent and reshaped. Additionally, the phone mount comes with a ball head which you can use to tilt and rotate the phone to achieve the ideal angle. However, you must take care to ensure that perhaps the phone mounting is secure enough to hold the phone.

The set costs roughly $29.99, but you get a lot since its metal phone mount and neo-plastic coating on the legs are far more durable than those found on many less expensive versions.

8. S2 Shoulderpod

Compared to most tripods and mounts, the Shoulderpod S2 adopts a unique strategy. It’s not exactly a tripod; Moment refers to the S2 as a handling grip. Although it has one leg, you may still use it much like a mini tripod by putting it in either hand, placing it on a level surface, or securing it to a structure for more adaptable placement.

The oak handle makes it easier to hold the phone steadily and comfortably, and the supplied strap ensures that it won’t fly off if you dive straight into a tree. This grip’s counterbalance ensures that it will rest equally on a level surface so that you may set it down and tell your most recent story in either panorama or portrait mode.

You can discover a conventional tripod socket within the wooden handle that can be screwed into almost any tripod, even flexible ones like the Joby GorillaPod. Although this add-on is quite pricey, individuals who prefer hand-held photos over static ones could like the alternative way of holding the phone.

9. Square Jellyfish with Jelly Long Legs and Jelly Grip mount

Although the name may seem ridiculous, this tripod and mount set is all business. The Silk Grip is a tiny, portable attachment that rotates to either tablet mode and employs springs to securely keep your phone in place. This same Jelly Skinny leg is, as the name suggests, a tripod. Despite the term “wibbly-wobbly,” the legs are made of solid metal and are spaced far enough to provide a robust, secure mount even when a heavy phone is put on uneven terrain.

With a huge, hefty phone on them, some tripods could topple over, but the Jelly Long Legs’ broad, low legs prevent them from toppling and damaging your costly phone. This set is reasonably priced and offers a straightforward, sturdy backdrop for Instagram videos or pictures.

10. 40-inch Bluehorn selfie stick tripod

This iPhone tripod combines a selfie stick with a tripod, as the name implies. When the legs are spread out, you get a typical little tripod with three broad legs that balance the phone. You may use the tripod in selfie-stick mode by extending the column and folding the legs back.

You may tilt and rotate the phone using the ball head on the phone grip at the top of the column, allowing you to aim the camera in almost any direction before using the clamp to secure it. Folding the legs out while the column is extended may be used as a taller tripod, but take caution since it is top-heavy and prone to falling over. That is a considerable distance for your iPhone to fall with 40 inches of extension. A little Bluetooth remote that is also supplied is attached to one of the legs. Without touching the phone, you may shoot pictures or pause and resume video recording, thanks to this.

How to choose the ideal iPhone tripod for your needs

Consider your intended purpose before purchasing one of the finest iPhone tripods or any smartphone tripod. A tiny, compact tripod that you can simply tuck away in a bag that won’t take up much room is what you need if you want to be able to shoot attractive holiday shots.

We recommend an iPhone tripod that can also transform and stretch into a selfie stick if you’re one of those folks who insists on being in every picture. Just keep your composure, okay?

Getting an iPhone tripod with flexible legs is generally preferable to capture pictures from unique perspectives or rough terrain. These will let you hang it upside down, wrap it around a tree, or set it on a rock. Only your imagination will limit you

Another thing to think about is that some of the grips that come with even the finest iPhone tripods may not hold your phone as firmly as you would want if you have a thicker cover. You may need to take the phone case off in this scenario.