The Best Travel Tripods in 2022

The criteria for the best airline tripods are slightly different from those for the best tripods. When folded, they must be compact enough to fit easily into a bag or at the very least latch onto one. They must also be portable enough to be carried about all day without putting too much strain on the user, whether hiking up hills or touring city streets.

They should ideally do all of this while also meeting the criteria for the ideal tripods(opens in new tab): solid, simple to assemble, adaptable, and robust enough to hold the weight of your cameras and lenses.

As a result, concessions must be made, as one would anticipate. While a decent portable tripod will be capable of almost all those above, it may not be as tall as a more traditional tripod. Carbon fiber is often used in the construction of travel tripods since it is more durable and lightweight than aluminum but also more expensive. A tripod will collapse more quickly with more leg pieces, which will increase the cost.

It’s a compromise, of course. Nothing is. The key to choosing the finest travel photobooth is to determine which characteristics are crucial for you and which you can live without, then make your plans accordingly. Because of this, we’ve included a wide selection of goods in our article on the leading travel tripods, including tripods at various pricing ranges. There will be a backpack tripod here for you, no matter your needs or budget.

The Top Portable Tripods for 2022

1. Manfrotto Befree 3-Way Live Advanced tripod

It makes sense to get a portable tripod that works for photography and filmmaking as more and more producers combine the two mediums. With a lightweight travel tripod and a three-way video head, the Sling strap Befree 3-Way Live Sophisticated tripod is made with this objective.

The fluid head employs a hydraulic dampening mechanism to enable the operator to move the camera smoothly and easily. The tripod, on the other hand, offers a decent compromise between capacity, weight, and cost. Despite just weighing 2kg, it will need 6kg of equipment. We’ve tried stronger, lighter tripods than this one, but they were often more expensive.

It’s not as tall as some other tripods on our list, and testing revealed that the design might sometimes obstruct common tasks like replacing a camera battery. But for the great majority of uses, this is a strong all-around package that any traveling photographer or cameraman should seriously consider.

2. Benro GoPlus Travel FGP18A

The Benro GoPlus checks almost all of the boxes on our wish list and offers a sizable maximum load capacity. It has a compact folded length and a big operational height. It is one of only a few tripods with a pivoting center column, allowing for various fastening angles in tiny increments over a full 180-degree arc. For simple leveling, bubble levels have been installed on the tripod platform. Indistinguishable rubber shoes and spikes, along with a protective soft bag, are also included. You may use one leg as an independent monopod by unscrewing it. It used to be available as a kit with a head, but if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to get a puck head(opens in a new tab) to go with it. A suitable match would be the Benro B0 or IB0.

3. Peak Design Travel Tripod

Peak Design has just released its first tripod, so it better be excellent given that the carbon fiber one we saw cost more than almost all of its competitors except for a Gitzo. However, an aluminum variant is significantly 40% less expensive but has slightly lower vibration resistance. Several other tripods available will reach higher, but the Peak Design, which packs down to only 39cm in length, will still reach an average-height person’s eye level. You may place this IN your travel bag or bedroom bag in addition to strapping it to the outside since it is meant to eliminate the “dead volume” between the leg and thus the columns when packed. The phone holder is tucked away into the central column, the low introductory tip is simple but fantastic, and this tripod feels quite sturdy.

4. Benro Rhino FRHN05CVX20

This is the lightest of Benro’s four new Zebra travel tripods, but it is surprisingly stiff even though it is tiny. Benro’s new VX ball heads, including a secondary pan axis directly below the camera plate, are also successful. Since they come with the territory, we can’t fault the Benro for its restrictions, which include a lower socio-economic height and a lengthier “unfolding” time. The Benro doesn’t reach very high, and using both center column sections makes it quickly shaky, but using just one center column extension or not using one at all makes it as sturdy as much larger tripods.

5. 3 Legged Thing Leo 2.0 + AirHead Pro Lever kit

The Leo tripod is not your typical one. Even though it unfolds to a total elevation of 146 cm and a massive cargo capacity of 30 kg, it only folds to a length of 35 cm. It boasts an unusual two-section center column, a detached monopod leg that doubles as a mike or camera boom, and a Tri-Mount system for mounting attachments. Although the legs are available separately, we advise purchasing the set with 3-Legged Thing’s upgraded AirHed Super Lever ball head. We like the additional Vanz kit, which includes a set of three new feet/legs. The strongest, gnarliest tabletop micro tripod you’ve ever seen is created by unscrewing the standard legs and screwing in these. Although the Leo 2 is neither the smallest nor the cheapest travel tripod available, its ratio of folded length to maximum height and its overall adaptability make it one of the finest.

6. Manfrotto Befree Advanced Twist

The Befree High Travel Tripod Twist focuses only on travel yet provides more support than most comparable items. In our testing, it was able to carry a tonne of gear—we’re talking entire cameras with hefty lenses—even though its safety payload limit is 9 kg. However, its main selling point is that it is just 1.49 kg and 40 cm long when packed (though its ball-head adds another 14cm). That can fit in the majority of suitcases. Manfrotto’s Advanced 494 aluminum center ball head, which has three separate ergonomic settings, is included with the Befree Advanced Touring Tripod Twist. When you consider the durable middle column, which has a locking mechanism, this portable tripod nevertheless retains a superb capacity to stay firm and stable.

7. Joby Smart RangePod

Choosing the best tripod for vloggers and video producers may be a genuine minefield. The sheer number of reflectors and heads might be confusing if you aren’t familiar with photography gear (but if you are!). Joby, the company behind the GorillaPod line, steps in to offer developers a simple solution that checks all the appropriate boxes. The Joby RangePod Smart, the company’s first full-size tripod, is a respectable travel option. It has a phone clamp with two quarter-inch abutments to place your phone horizontally or vertically, allowing you to rapidly switch between standard recording and upright filming for Instagram or TikTok. However, this metal model is perfect for individuals who shoot on their phones. With a faster Arca-Swiss plate, it works as well with DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and with an 8kg payload, it can easily accommodate large lenses. It is ideal for presenting to the camera at close to head height since it can reach a maximum height of 160 cm, which is also higher than many portable tripods.

8. Vanguard VEO 3T 235CBP

In addition to offering “all you’d expect in a high-quality travel tripod,” Vanguard claims its VEO 3T line also contains “added features that enable anybody obtain the greatest outcome for their videos with a camcorder or smartphone.” Stronger variants in the lineup have an amazing 12kg weight capacity, but we believe the 235CBP version, with its 8kg load capacity, is more than capable of handling the task. The reduced capacity, therefore, results in a shorter closed length of 41 cm, and the carbon construction reduces the overall weight to a manageable 1.6 kg. A new Arca-compatible quick-release plate can accommodate a camera or smartphone up to 85mm wide, and there is even a Bluetooth remote control for IOS or Android. The supplied head features a detachable pan handle to give you more control when recording.

9. Gitzo GT1545T Series 1 Traveler with ball head

The Rolls Royces of camera supports, Gitzo tripods combine low weight with exceptional construction and design and deceptively easy operation in their Traveler line. If you want a quick setup (fewer pieces) over a shorter folded length, you should choose the GT1555 version with 5-section legs instead of the GT1545 Series 1 model with 4-section legs (more sections). The costs don’t seem TOO awful when you don’t include the price of the Gitzo 82TQD center ball head. Although the Gitzo is a fantastic travel tripod, its high price prevents it from being at the top of our list. This is particularly true given that many other similarly outstanding tripods are available for far less money than don’t bear the Gitzo name. However, we all secretly want a Gitzo, right?

10. 3 Legged Thing Jay with AirHed Cine

Travel tripods are necessary for more than just still-image shooters. The Jay and AirHed Film are a very specialized pair. Still, they serve the needs of an increasing number of series vloggers or filmmakers who may not have a huge professional video tripod but want suitable, portable support. The 3 Chibi Thing Legends Jay doesn’t have a center column (because this is the video and not eye-level still photography). However, it has a leveling base, which may save a tonne of effort when setting up panning views and maintaining the camera’s level. The AirHed Cine seems like the ideal mate and is just as little as the Jay. It features a set drag action that is forceful yet manageable, and the handle is screwed on for fine control. The Jay may not be too expensive, but the price increases significantly when the AirHed Cine is included. However, the combination is very small and exudes luxury.

11. Manfrotto PIXI Evo

Welcome towards the 21st century if your only experience with traditional table-top tripods was the discomfort of shaft legs and shaky camera mounts. The PIXI EVO is an improved version of Manfrotto’s original Screening- model and is just as quick to use. You can fold the legs to use them as a tripod or bring them back together to create a camera grip. It also has a tripod adapter that can be ejected and locked with the touch of a button. The EVO adds two-foot directions for low-level shooting and two-section legs (really, really). Although a smartphone clamp is optional, its ball head is compatible with compact cameras, tiny DSLRs, mirrorless models, and standard camera tripod connections may support it. The maximum altitude is limited, but it sets up quite quickly and fits in a jacket pocket! The finest portable tripod for those who may not want to carry a full-sized one is this or a similar mini-tripod.

12. Adonit Photogrip

This device is necessary if you use a smartphone for your vacation photos. A spring-loaded grip extends wide enough to accommodate even a large smartphone and grips tightly around it. And with legs folded in, you can use this as a firm grip. The base has a tripod connector for a standard tripod or the compact pocket tripod that comes with the set. The Bluetooth shutter button on the top is a little remote you can pull out to operate the shutter from a distance. This is pure brilliance, albeit larger phones must be carefully positioned in the clamp to prevent the little tripod from toppling.