The iPhone is a great camera, but with the right accessories, it can be even better. Here are 16 of the best iPhone camera accessories in 2022.

1. Mobile Tripod by Peak Design

This product is sure what you need if you want to stabilize your phone in a lightweight, sturdy, and portable manner. Mobile from Peak Design is a collection of mounts that let you install your smartphone to almost anything, including bicycles, desktops, walls, and vehicles.

The Mobile Tripod connects to the device’s rear as a component of the ecosystem using the ground-breaking “SlimLink,” a magnetic attachment that fastens firmly using a soft-locking technique.

The tripod legs may even be pushed together and used as a comfortable hold for some video or a selfie after your phone is connected, allowing you to rotate it from landscape to portrait for numerous viewing angles.

The Mobile Tripod is so tiny that you may want to permanently connect it to the back of your phone; in that case, all you have to do is spread the legs out and set the tripod down on a level surface.

The Mobile Tripod needs a particular case and is compatible with all iPhones, including the iPhone 12, and its MagSafe adaptor. Click the icon above to find out whether your smartphone is supported.

There simply isn’t a better tripod on the market if you’re serious about creating time-lapse photos with your smartphone, or maybe you just need a stand so you can watch your favorite movie while traveling.

2. Moment Lenses

Looking to upgrade the lens options on your phone? The Moment provides a variety of lenses for smartphones, with its iPhone macro lens (10x), wide-angle (18mm), fish-eye, and telephoto (60mm) lens set being the most well-known.

They are, without a doubt, the greatest add-on iPhone lenses in 2022 and sensible purchase.

These lenses are of high quality and feel and work like actual cameras. They have a front lens cover, are composed of metal and glass rather than plastic, and are securely attached to and detached from the casing. They also function brilliantly.

These are a terrific choice to go wide-angle or telephoto if you’re not ready to upgrade to the pricey multi-lens iPhones, and they’re a fraction of the cost of an iPhone 11!

To utilize them, you must purchase a Moment case (available separately; see our top choice below). Any lens you choose after you have the case will fit either of your phone’s dual back lenses.

Additionally, even though they are compatible with the default Apple camera app, it is best to use Moment’s app since it was created specifically with photographers in mind.

The iPhone 6/6 Plus and later models, the Google Pixel, Pixel 2/XL, Samsung Galaxy S8/+, and later models, and the Galaxy Note 8 are all compatible mobile devices.

These lenses are the ones to purchase if you’re seeking some of the greatest iPhone camera accessories money can buy. The compatible cases provide fantastic value for the money and look stunning even without a lens.

3. Moment Pro Photo Battery Case

You will need a case for your Moment lenses if you use them. The Moment Pro Photo battery case is one of the most well-liked options available. It has a ton of functionality and can accommodate almost any iPhone photographer’s workflow while giving the battery a much-needed boost.

The Pro Photo case, which doubles battery life and protects your phone in slim, stylish packaging, contains a shutter button similar to that on DSLR cameras. The material is pleasant to hold, and inserting and removing your phone from it is a breeze.

It should be no surprise that the interface works well with other Moment products, given that it is intended to be used with Moment lenses.

When adding or withdrawing lenses, the twist-lock lens mount has a satisfyingly robust feel. Attachment hooks for Moment’s superb neck and wrist straps are provided on the bottom (reviewed below).

It is moreover Apple-certified and charges and syncs data via a lightning connection. You don’t need any more cords.

There are various non-battery covers available, but if you want the ability to increase your phone’s battery life, this is an excellent alternative. The case’s sole drawback is that it is only available for users of the iPhone 7 and 8.

The Pro Photo case is the closest thing to a full-featured DSLR on a smartphone when used with the Moment app. Highly recommended.

4. Moment Neck Strap

Having your hands free while using your phone may be convenient. This is where having a sturdy neck strap is useful, and much as with the clip-on lenses and Pro Photo case, we believe Moment also hit the mark with this one.

The leather neck strap from Moment is comfortable, effortlessly elegant, compatible with your iPhone and other cameras, and includes a handy fast release mechanism. Additionally, it integrates easily with the Professional Photo case.

High-quality US leather, which feels great in hand, makes up the strap. Every item is hand-made and unique, according to the specifications. Certainly, that is how it feels.

The area of the strap that contacts your neck is coated with microfiber in addition to the leather, adding an added layer of comfort that is unusual for leather camera straps.

Size-wise, Moment’s leather neck strap can be adjusted from 37 to 44 inches, so it should comfortably suit everyone.

The connection points seem secure as well. One of the helpful iPhone photography ideas is to use a strap like this to stabilize your shot by bracing that against your neck while you stroll about the town without worrying that your phone will fall away.

Even while Moment’s leather neck-straps may be used with regular cameras, they function best with smartphones and are compatible with all smartphone sizes as of July 2022.

5. Joby GorillaPod GripTight One

Several businesses now produce iPhone tripods, but in 2022, one of our favorites will be Joby’s GorillaPod GripTight One line.

The famed, flexible, adaptable legs of the original GorillaPods allow you to connect to even the most improbable places. So it is no surprise that GripTight One smartphone tripods function similarly (except for the Micro).

The GripTight system is built on the GripTight One Mount, an adapter that lets you use a common 1/4-inch screw to attach your smartphone to any tripod.

You can purchase simply the mount and use your tripod, or you may select from the feature-rich GripTight GP Magnetic Impulse, the GripTight One GP stand, or the very portable GripTight One Micro Stand (a smartphone version of the original GorillaPod).

The GripTight GP Magnetic Impulse costs a lot but is worth it if you’re serious about obtaining amazing photographs (around $60). Thanks to its magnetic feet, it can cling to itself and any metallic surface.

You also receive the full range of standard GorillaPod flexibility simultaneously. It also has a Bluetooth remote camera that is compatible with the native camera applications on most smartphones.

The cheaper GripTight One GP (less than $30) is almost identical to the Impulse but lacks the remote and magnetic feet. The remote is useful, particularly for long-exposure photos and selfies, but the GP is the better option if you’re on a tight budget.

The GripTight One Micro can hold your phone steadily on any flat surface if you’re searching for compact support that will fit even in the tiniest of pockets.

The GorillaPods’ renowned bending legs are absent from the Micro, yet it can still fit wherever your phone can.

Regardless of the one you select, a tripod will let you explore a new side of smartphone photography. It’s one of the cheapest items on our top iPhone camera accessories list and is well worth the money.

6. Anker PowerCore 10000

Have you ever been out and about, traveled, or captured amazing images of nature, just to have your phone die? A real bummer! A game-changer in this situation would be portable chargers.

The Anker PowerCore 10000 is smaller than the typical wallet and weighs less than the typical smartphone plus case. For all of that, it contains an incredible 2-3 multiple charges for the majority of iPhones.

It may last for days if you use it to top up rather than fully recharge your phone (depending on your phone usage).

Have a USB tablet or other gadget? No issue. Each one is powered by the Anker PowerCore 10000. Use the included micro USB cord or the lightning cable with your phone.

Even though the less-priced variant doesn’t support Qualcomm Quick Charge, the Anker PowerCore 10000 still charges very rapidly.

You can charge on the road, which is far quicker than plugging into a power connection. (You’ll need to upgrade to the Anker PowerCore 10000 QC, which is just a few dollars extra for Qualcomm Quick Charge.)

Both versions have a travel case, an 18-month warranty, and surge/short circuit protection.

Put it in your pack or handbag if you don’t want to bother about charging your phone while you’re out and about.

7. amFilm Glass

Choosing the appropriate screen protector would be just as crucial as choosing the appropriate cover, particularly if you drop your phone often. Fortunately, there are many excellent, affordable solutions available. The TechMatte amFilm glass screen protector is among the finest.

Although it is very thin (0.3mm), providing complete protection against scratches, drops, and everyday wear and tear.

A unique oil-resistant coating on the surface helps to prevent stains and fingerprints. Most significantly, your touchscreen’s sensitivity won’t change much.

The film glass screen protector from Techmatte is the clearest and toughest screen protector on the market today. Our choice for the greatest smartphone attachment under $10 is this one, which costs less than $7 for two.

A glass screen protector may help prevent scratches, which can compromise the screen’s structural integrity and increase the likelihood of fractures, but it won’t ensure that your phone’s screen won’t shatter.

It’s advised to use a protector even if you have a newer iPhone 11 with the stronger glass – just in case!

The film display protector is designed to be smaller than the real screen, so keep that in mind. This is due to the curved edges of the iPhone. The screen protector may develop air bubbles or start tearing apart if it is thoroughly covered.

However, there is little to no change in daily functioning. Particularly at this price, it’s truly a “must-buy.”

8. iPhone Photography Academy

Even with the greatest cellphones in the world, your images won’t always be spectacular. You’ll need some knowledge for that in terms of the fundamentals of photography and how to make the most of your phone.

The fact that the online course covers more than simply the finest techniques to photograph with an iPhone may be its greatest feature. Additionally, it teaches you how to see the world through the eyes of an expert photographer, which is a crucial skill for creating stunning pictures.

The Photo Academy offers more than 10 hours of top-notch video instruction in addition to a vibrant Facebook community. There are about 33,350 members in the group, and there are 150 postings daily on average. There are a lot of content pupils.

The course is a value at the hefty 80 percent discount you can often get on it (check here to see if it’s still available). The regular pricing is a little on the high side.

But in my view, the cost is justified by the quality of the Social Community and support on its own. Additionally, a 30-day money-back guarantee is included.

The iPhone Photo Academy is certainly worth checking out if you’ve never taken any photography course before or want to make the most of your phone’s camera. Even seasoned professionals will pick up a few new skills. If you still need more, see our review of iPhone Landscape Mastery.

9. Anker Premium Lightning Cable

Let’s face it, the majority of us misuse our lightning wires. You name it: they are pulled, twisted, kinked, and trodden on. The Anker Power – line Lightning cable does a wonderful job at it, even if no cable can withstand all we can throw at it.

Kevlar reinforcement and strong braided nylon make up the outside. The inside was created to accommodate not just all of Apple’s charging requirements but also numerous bends and kinks.

These cables, according to Anker, can support 175 pounds and endure more than 12,000 bends. Wow! Even though I won’t be attempting to hang from my lightning cord, it’s reassuring to know that it won’t be harmed if it becomes tangled.

Apple has approved Anker PowerLine Lightning cords for compatibility, according to Apple. That implies that whatever your original Apple lightning cable can charge can be charged perfectly.

Even if you take great care to handle your wires carefully, having several spares on hand never hurts. I’ve sometimes forgotten mine and wished I’d packed a spare in my purse or vehicle.

Anker makes it affordable for anybody to stock up on a few additional cables at this pricing range.

10. Anker 5-Port Charger

You probably charge a lot of gadgets through USB these days if you’re anything like me. Regularly requiring power are tablets, iPhones, Bluetooth speakers & headphones, portable power banks, and sometimes even my primary mirrorless camera.

Using just wall chargers with all of these gadgets would be difficult. Who wants to wait around as each gadget charges in turn? A 5-port charger may help with that.

Using the Anker 5-Port charger, you can add five USB ports to a single outlet. This little, portable gadget charges very quickly and has a 40W capacity (eight amps at five volts).

Up to 2.4 amps per port or eight amps total may be charged using the original model, which costs around $23. In addition, this newer model (around $35) includes Qualcomm Quick Charge; in my view, it is definitely worth the additional money.

Although there are many excellent chargers available, I prefer Anker goods. They provided wonderful customer support when I had problems, and none of their products have ever failed me.

Additionally, it has an 18-month warranty. A great purchase and a need for anybody with many USB-compatible gadgets.

11. Yoozon Selfie Stick

If you like snapping selfies—and who doesn’t?—then read on. You’ll eventually need a greater distance between both you and your phone.

Maybe you want to grab a group photo, maybe you want to catch more of the backdrop, or maybe you simply don’t like how your arm looks in selfies. A selfie stick may be helpful, particularly if you don’t want to take a DSLR tripod with you all the time.

The Yoozon Selfie Stick might be useful in this situation. It has an excellent design, is comfortable in hand, has Bluetooth control, and can be turned into a tripod without adding any added heft. A single action is required to extend the tripod from the stick’s base and fold it again.

The Yoozon Selfie Stick is equipped with a 10-inch collapsed length and weighs about 4 ounces. The Yoozon Camera has a 28.7-inch top side extension.

Additionally, it rotates 360 degrees and includes horizontal and vertical camera settings, so you can get all the views you need.

Regarding remotes, Yoozon’s remote is excellent for use with iPhones, charges quickly, and keeps its charge for up to a day. It tucks inside the stick when not in use for simple carrying.

A selfie stick with these capabilities for around $22 is a fantastic purchase!

12. Achiou Winter Knit

For smartphone photographers, winter may be quite difficult. Standard gloves don’t function well with touchscreens, but having numb fingers isn’t much fun either. The answer? Winter knit gloves from Archie.

You may use your thumb, index, & middle fingers to navigate your touchscreen while wearing Achiou Winter Knit gloves to keep your hands toasty. Even though they are thin and elastic, most people can stay warm in them down to 20F.

The palm and fingers also feature a no-slip design with silicone rectangles woven into the fabric. Additionally, the fabric is porous, reducing the likelihood that your hands will sweat. While the inside is lined with luxurious wool, the outside is plastic.

Action Winter Knit gloves fit well since they are elastic rather than heavy. They were snug. The manufacturer advises ordering one size bigger if you’re in between sizes.

Style-wise, These have a very nice appearance and feel to them. They also come in various colors (see them all here in black, black and or white, coffee and or white, and rose red).

Excellent for keeping your hands warm in temperatures between 20 and 49 °F. It’s amazing how they can offer these for less than $11; the pricing cannot be surpassed.

13. Auxiwa Clip On Light

We are all aware of the importance of lighting in photographs. We also know that sensor size is one factor that significantly restricts the low-light shooting capabilities of our iPhone. This is where the lightweight, clip-on ring light from Auxiwa may help, particularly for selfies and pictures.

Simply clip on the Auxiwa circle light, choose one of the three intensity levels, and shoot.

The 36 LED lights of the Auxiwa clip-on ring light have a long lifespan and come with a rechargeable battery. Use it to make your pictures seem clearer in low light or add a soft, attractive portrait lighting in regular illumination. It furthermore functions with both front and back cameras.

Although the Auxiwa clip-on ring light may also be used as a flashlight, don’t expect it to have a far throw as it is intended for photos and selfies. It serves just to give your pictures a studio vibe.

Auctiva offers a money-back guarantee on its clip-on ring light, which retails for around $14.

14. Moment Leather Wrist Strap

One of the suggested methods for preventing your phone from falling or being stolen while taking pictures is to use a wrist strap. There are many inexpensive options available, but if you want something of the highest caliber, the Moment Wrist Strap is among the best.

It is robust and long-lasting, has a fantastic appearance, and is constructed from premium American Horween leather. Even the fragrance is fantastic leather. This type of leather matures nicely, softening and taking on personality as it does. (Brittler, drier leathers are more common in cheaper leathers.)

The Moment Wrist Strap has a braided loop that is much thicker than those on most other wrist straps. That, in my opinion, improves how it feels on the wrist. It’s undoubtedly quite secure.

As you may expect, the Leather Wrist Strap matches well with the Moment Professional Photo case and all other Moment products.

Although it costs under $30, you get excellent craftsmanship and long-lasting quality for your money.

15. Moment S2 Handle Grip for Shoulderpod

The Moment Shoulderpod Handle Grip S2 can be something you want to consider if you often use your smartphone to record videos or if your fingers frequently block the lens.

The Handles Grip S2 offers a stable, extremely useful hand-grip that makes it simple to record. Any smartphone and case fit safely within. It’s so secure that your phone won’t fall even if you wave it vigorously about.

The Handle Grip S2’s complete modularity is another awesome feature. Not a fan of the strap? No issue, remove it. Without the handle. Same.

It may be used with or without a wooden handle to mount to a tripod or monopod. There are also a ton of attachments available, like a tripod, microphone holder, light holder, and traveler stand.

The Shoulderpod Handle Grip S2, like the majority of Moment’s products, is intended for professionals yet is nevertheless reasonably priced and easy to use for any other kind of aspiring photographer. It is nicely constructed with high-quality materials, and the purchase price is more than justified.

The only issue is that you’ll never want to hold your phone normally again while taking pictures or videos once you get accustomed to it.

16. Lightroom CC

You’ll need a photo editor if you want to take your regular photographs and make them amazing. While there are numerous options, Adobe Lightroom CC is one of the top iPhone editing mobile applications currently available.

Most of what a photographer needs, such as exposure, white balance, etc., are included in the free edition. Check out the Lightroom CC Mobile tutorial to learn more about what the subscription edition has to offer. Lightroom CC is already a part of your Adobe membership if you already have one; if not, you can sign up for one here.

With the paid edition, you get automated backups, batch editing, online sharing, support for Raw, cloud synchronization across devices, and manual mode through the Lightroom camera app.

The user interface (UI) is mobile-friendly, runs smoothly even on dated iPhones, and is simple to use. Since everything is saved on the cloud, any device may access your photographs.

It’s saying something that Lightroom CC is now almost as strong as Lightroom Classic. It even contains sophisticated features like gradients, healing brushes, automated tagging, face recognition, perspective control, AI keywording, and AI keywording.

Overall, it’s a smartphone app that experienced photographers should check out.


Which iPhone is the best for taking pictures?

The 11 Pro, in our opinion, is the finest choice right now for photography. A regular/wide field of vision, a telephoto zoom, and an ultra-wide-angle lens are all part of its triple-lens system.

How does the iPhone camera compare to a DSLR?

Due mostly to sensor size, most smartphones don’t have cameras that are as excellent as DSLRs. However, they function almost as well in excellent illumination.

Do iPhone cameras outperform Samsung ones?

Everything depends on what you’re trying to find. While the iPhone 11 Pro offers more user-friendly manual controls, better compatibility with other Apple devices, and more weatherproofing than Samsung’s Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 has superior lens features. But only based on specifications, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the undisputed champion.

Last Words

The decline in DSLR camera sales in 2022 makes it unsurprising that the bulk of images taken globally are on iPhones.

More megapixels, greater low light performance, various focal lengths—the newest models even have capabilities that the priciest professional cameras do to not be the one area that Apple developers focus on enhancing with each new generation.

The greatest photographs from your smartphone, regardless of whether you have the most recent model or an older generation, depending on the accessories you choose.