Are you unsure of the best ways to advertise your wedding photography company? That is why we are here.

Defining Your Target Marketing

According to Marketing Insider Group, “marketing is fundamentally the act of knowing your consumers and establishing and sustaining connections with them.” This is especially true when it comes to marketing your wedding photography company! Understanding your target customer as a wedding photographer and developing connections with them is the foundation of your marketing strategy.

Getting your target customer to find you first is a big part. Marketing is everything and everything that aids in attracting attention to you and your business. It is then what you do to turn that interest into reservations. Here are some of the top strategies and methods to start your company like never before in 2022.

What You Can Do To Promote Your Wedding Photography Business


A target audience is an ideal customer you are attempting to attract in strategic marketing. Now is the time to think about your ideal customer as you plan how to advertise your wedding photography company. Where have you already had the greatest success? What kind of ‘feel’ do the couples you photograph have, and who would you want to collaborate with in the future?

Once you’ve identified your target customer, start considering the specific hobbies and lifestyle decisions they could have. What interests may your target pair have in terms of hobbies and pastimes? Start planning where they could be spending their time: farmer’s markets, film festivals, artisan beer tastings.

Then, find out how to enter these areas by researching the neighborhood and interest-based events — the more specialized a pastime, a religion, or an interest, the better. Sometimes all that is required is a showcase stand for your work. Other times, your entry ticket is an interactive photo booth, a seminar conducted by an expert, or an online class. Be creative! This is advantageous because it draws the appropriate eyes to your work rather than just any.


Establishing connections with the wedding shops that serve the brides in your target market is another approach to getting the proper eyes on your work. Offering free preview photos of upcoming brides who have discovered their ideal dress at a wedding dress store might be a great use of your time. You’ll introduce the bride to your photography style, point her in the direction of your website, and establish a personal relationship with her. As a result, when you send the bride the pictures, you’ll already be engaged in a dialogue about wedding photography.


You already know that Instagram will come up in any discussion about how to advertise your wedding photography company. Instagram is a terrific platform for connecting with customers in the social media world, which may be one of your most effective tools.

Through Instagram Lives and Stories, establish a relationship with your audience. People want to believe that you can tell their narrative. Thus, it may help to build a following and generate enthusiasm for your work if your social media accounts reflect your personality, commitment to excellence, and craft. People will feel more connected to you if they see your efforts behind the scenes.

If you take the time to engage with your followers, respond to comments and direct messages, and tag every customer in a post about them, they are more likely to repost it and share your accounts with their followers.


Running a giveaway is a tried-and-true technique to expand your Instagram audience and fan base. A wedding vendor of some sort may be the most likely partnership, but remember the brainstorming you did about your target client’s lifestyle and think outside the box. Team up with someone whose audience is the demographic you want to reach but who doesn’t have a lot of overlap with you in terms of followers. You could host a contest in conjunction with a bakery, yoga class, or gym! Offer a promotion you know your fans will like but won’t take up too much space, like a time-limited mini-photo session.

5: Your best friend is on Pinterest.

Do not overlook Pinterest when deciding how to advertise your wedding photography company! This website is a treasure trove for wedding photographers: Did you know that 900 million wedding-related pins are made on Pinterest annually by all of its users?

To ensure that your pins connect directly to you, ensure users have a business account and have claimed your website. Blend graphics and simple photos when developing your pins since that approach often succeeds. If creating graphics is new, check into tools like Canva that might make the process easier.

Check out our guide on employing keywords on Pinterest to ensure your pins are seen. Search engine optimization (SEO) is still relevant on Pinterest.

When wedding photographers do this right, we’ve witnessed amazing results! If you don’t know where to begin, our 5-Day Pinterest Challenge will get you started and advance you.


Having your work published in publications and wedding blogs is a great way to get your name out there and meet new people. Although it could seem daunting at first, start with regional magazines. Persistence and inventiveness are crucial in this situation, and because you’ve launched your own wedding photography company, you already possess both.

There are blogs dedicated to weddings, which you may join by submitting tales about weddings and magazines with specialized audiences that your target customer could read. In any case, your photographs are more likely to get seen by an editor if you can think of a narrative aspect to tie to them. Don’t give up if this doesn’t work right away; patience will help you establish a rapport with editors and inform them of the kind of material you can provide.


Partnerships with other wedding providers may assist you with how to advertise your wedding photography company in many different ways. We touched on this when we discussed organizing an Instagram giveaway.

When you write about the weddings you’ve done, provide a list of suggested regional vendors on your website. In exchange, request to be listed on other vendors’ websites and social media accounts. This is a useful method to establish a reputation and broaden your reach since people booking one item are likely to heed tips about where to search for other things.

Offer to take photos of their goods or services as another approach to attract customers to other wedding vendors. If you are working the same event, this is simple to execute. And request that when they use the pictures, they credit you & link back to your social media accounts.


The goal of every concept up to this point has been exposure. If not directly into your mailbox, this exposure may at least direct them to your website. In marketing, you know you’re doing something properly if you can bring visitors to your website.

When people arrive, you would like this website to be as remarkable and interesting as possible. Your website is your calling card when marketing your wedding photography company, so make sure it accurately conveys your style and features your greatest work. Keep it nice, navigable, and up to date. Couples may be searching for indications that you may be responsible and adaptable, so make sure your COVID-19 safeguards are obvious.


Your blog is a fantastic tool for increasing website traffic, establishing your trust with potential customers and igniting their interest in working with you. For more on how to advertise your wedding photography company via constant blogging, see our advice on how often you should blog.

Your blog may help you improve your search engine optimization position. This algorithm determines the visibility of your website on Google. In other words, will your name appear when someone searches for local wedding photographers on Google?

You can do this with consistent and targeted blog posts! Think about the ideal customer you have in mind. What queries do they have? They lack your experience and knowledge when it comes to weddings. To respond to their inquiries. You might start by reading our post on 9 Wedding Blog Ideas.


You should seek time-saving options when you plan to promote your wedding photography company since you don’t want to spend hours a day creating material about your trade rather than doing it.

One benefit of maintaining an active blog is that it will simplify the process of creating material for your blog, which will help you advertise your wedding photography company. You may be consistent and save time using the same images and language for your blogs on your social media.


Happy customers are a great asset! If your customers are happy with you, they will recommend you to their friends, which will provide you access to a whole new market of clients. You should provide them chances to gush about you since you want their time working with you to be joyful and stress-free overall.

Sending a sample book, either printed or on a USB, in lovely packaging is one way to promote your wedding photography company by getting pleased customers to rave about you. Inform the couple that you will be doing this and ask them to record an unboxing when they see the day’s images for the first time.

Offering referral discounts is another strategy to encourage word-of-mouth marketing from your clientele since they know their friends will get a fantastic deal from you.

Request permission from your happiest customers to record a brief interview about their experience working with you so you may post it on your website.


Hopefully, this has helped you with some of your marketing-related queries for your wedding photography company. You can see many different creative strategies to grow your audience and your customer base, each of which helps to create a successful company. We can assist you if you’d want further suggestions and assistance with promoting your wedding photos.