You might be wondering, “Will DJI replace a lost drone?” Well, unfortunately, no. However, there are ways to replace your drone if it goes missing. One option is to purchase DJI Flyaway Coverage, which offers replacement costs for your drone. DJI has a policy that covers your drone for up to five hundred dollars if it gets stolen or lost.

DJI Flyaway Coverage

DJI’s Flyaway Coverage service offers a replacement drone in case your drone goes missing. This service is available for both Mavic Air and Mini 2 drones. The cost of the coverage varies depending on the model of your drone. You must have purchased the DJI Care Refresh service first to take advantage of this service.

This service has a two-year validity period. You can purchase this coverage separately, or as part of a package, through the DJI online store. It works by providing an activation code that is bound to your drone. However, you cannot use this coverage after the validity period has expired. Also, if your drone is damaged outside of the warranty period, it’s not covered.

The DJI Flyaway Coverage for lost drone is part of the DJI Care Refresh service, and is designed to replace your lost drone. The service is available for the Mavic Air 2 and Mini 2, as well as the DJI Care Refresh service for the Mavic Air 2. The replacement drone will be comparable to a brand-new model in terms of performance and reliability.

For Mavic Air 2 and Mini 2 drones, the DJI Care Refresh program costs $79 and covers two replacements per year. You can also extend the replacement service for one year. To use DJI Care Refresh, you must first bind your account with the DJI Fly app.

If you lose your drone, it can be difficult to find and recover. Sometimes it can get lost in deep water or dense woods. You can check the flight logs to find your drone. However, this service is not always available in all cases. If you are not sure whether your drone has lost connection with the DJI app, you can check the location of your lost drone on the DJI App.

The DJI Flyaway Coverage for lost drone is a good idea for new owners of Mavic Air 2 or Mini 2. It will lower the costs associated with replacing a lost drone, which is an important aspect if you’re looking to keep the drone flying. A DJI Mavic Air 2 and Mini 2 are very affordable.

The DJI Care Refresh policy also allows you to replace the most important components of your drone. These include the camera, the gimbal, the propellers, and the batteries. In addition, it covers replacements for drones hit by a bird or a bee.

It is important to check your drone’s home point before you take off. If the home point is wrong, your drone will fall in the wrong direction. To check this, open the app or check the remote controller to see if your drone is registered at a different home point. Also, make sure that the battery life is sufficient before taking off. Most drones such as the Mavic Air will not take off if the battery level is under 30%. If the battery is at 20% or lower, it will automatically return to its home.

If your drone has lost connection, you must stay calm. Try to reconnect it to the controller. Sometimes, the drone can lose connection with its controller because of bad weather or a malfunction. If you can’t do that, contact the manufacturer of your drone and get it fixed.


The costs of DJI replacing a lost drone can be significant. However, the cost is far less than purchasing a new one. The drone’s replacement cost will depend on the type of drone and the repair service you choose. A DJI Mini 2 replacement costs $225, while a Mavic Air 2 replacement costs $399.

The cost of DJI Care Refresh varies depending on the value of the drone and the original retail price. A lower price means a lower co-payment. Higher-end drones are more expensive and will require a higher co-payment. Regardless of which model you own, it’s essential to compare prices and choose the best policy for you.

The care refresh insurance will cover a first-time replacement of a drone. You must have the drone’s original packaging and all of its accessories to be eligible. This service may cost a few hundred dollars, depending on the value of the drone and the number of replacements you need.

Another option is to use an authorized service center. This company has service centers in more than 100 countries. The first step is to contact the authorized service center for your specific drone and describe the accident or damage. Luckily, DJI drones keep detailed flight records. These can be accessed from the DJI app. The drone also records every controller input.

Care refresh also covers replacement of the most common parts of a DJI drone. It covers the camera, gimbal, propellers, and batteries. In addition, it covers replacement of drones that have been hit by birds or attacked by bees. This service is essential to ensuring the safe use of your DJI drone.

The costs of DJI insurance are relatively affordable compared to the costs of replacing a lost drone. DJI drone insurance is available for most DJI drone models, and it costs as little as $50 a year. That works out to around $4.16 per month, which is far cheaper than the costs of replacing the drone. However, it’s important to evaluate how much care you take of your DJI drone and determine if it’s worth the extra cost.

It’s also worth considering DJI Care Refresh if you want your drone to be replaced in case of a crash. You can opt for the Care Refresh package if you want a replacement drone within a year. However, be aware that this package comes with a one-time limit, which means you may only use it once if your drone has a lost flight.

If you don’t want to pay extra for a Care Refresh insurance policy, you can opt for an episodic plan. These plans are available when you purchase your DJI drone.